Hunting for the Perfect Wedding Ring

On A Mission

In the sumClocks & Rocks | Our mission on buying our wedding rings mer of 2019 in the mists of the wedding season, not so long ago I got married to a beautiful woman that I came across in my life. We decided to set ourselves with a date to get married, and the summer was just perfect timing.  This is my experience with the misses, on the hunt to find the perfect wedding ring together, whilst trying to find the right style ring to meet our individual personalities.


The question was where do we find these rings, especially in London where is a wealth of choices. First place that popped into my mind was Westfield Stratford, as I know there will be a variety of jewelry shops we can check around. Our first stop was H Samuel, she wants a diamond ring with a white gold band and I wanted a platinum ring with a black diamond twist on it. There was nothing that caught our eyes at H Samuel so we moved on to other shops until we landed at Browns Jewelry a boutique jewelry store in Westfield. 

Browns Jewelry has been around since 1934 as they opened their first store in Fox Street, downtown Johannesburg. On 2013 when Brown Jewelry started establishing themselves on the international footprint by opening a store in London, but nothing yet, yes we both are very picky.

Moving on, we decided to change it up by going to the world-famous Hatton Gardens in London the destination of luxury diamond jewelry.

Materials and Customisation 

Our first stop at Hatton Gardens was Harmony Jewels, where a family member worked, we were amazed by their vast collection that was shown to us by the diamond specialist, and finally we spotted the one and only ring for her and found a matching one for myself, we also had a massive discount from there which was amazing. 

Her Ring

Instead of going for the white gold ring she was amazed by this 18-carat yellow gold ring with 0.50-carat beautiful diamond on it, the diamond ring is uniquely designed and crafted by Harmony Jewels themselves, I loved it. Not all rings will suit everyone so my advice when looking for wedding rings is to go out and try them yourself, sizing and style has to be perfect for your hand.

My Ring

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The ring I went for was a platinum 5mm band with a black diamond; I am planning to fit in a few extra black diamonds in the future. To me, the ring feels a bit heavy but at the same time, it feels very luxurious.
Feel free to contact Colin Hazell at Harmony Jewels for diamond consult
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