Our Favourite Travel Watches: Rolex Brand

Hey guys I've just got back from holiday with another broken watch. That's great right go on a holiday and come back with water damaged or cracked watch faces. 
Lets face it sometimes we just want to have a bit of fun and watches get damaged
So with that in mind I've gone out there to find the best travel watches from various brands and today we're going to start with the Rolex GMT-Master II Rolex GMT-Master II 
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The GMT-Master II was commissioned by Pan America as a functional working watch to be used by their pilots during flights across long distances. This was in the 1950’s where the watch had to indicate the Greenwich Mean Time and also the time in the local time zone simultaneously.
At that time this was the first watch that had this particular feature and has been the benchmark ever since for all other travel watches.
With exceptional build quality along with a function for the 24 hour clock the Rolex GMT-Master II is the ultimate daddy of travel watches 
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