REDEAR WATCH BRAND - Handcrafted Bamboo Wooden watches 

We have exclusive premium quality wooden watches at Clocks & Rocks, Redear wooden watches are handcrafted which makes them very vintage. Redear is a rarer brand; with their unique and vantage looks they are establishing themselves in the world of watch market.

ECO Friendly and Hygienic 

Redear uses natural bamboo trees for their material which makes them ECO friendly and Hygienic as well as giving that sleek styles finishing looks for the each watches they craft. Certain Bamboo’s is one of the fastest-growing plants around the world; bamboo’s can grow up to 91 cm (36 inch) within the time space of 24 hours, that’s around 1mm every 90 seconds (1 inch every 40 minutes). Bamboos are one of the largest members of the grass family.

Uniquely Handcrafted designed 

We have a selection of unique handcrafted designed Bamboo wooden watches for you to browser at Clocks & Rocks, join us on our journey on sourcing the world of watches from organic natural wooden watches to top brands like Hugo Boss, Emporio ArmaniTag Heuer and more exclusive brands on the way,

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